1. Don Draper got a bobblehead.

  2. mightyflynn:

    Cover redesign by CoverToCover.

    via affenlight

  3. Happy 80th Roberto Clemente.

  4. On This Date - 1948: George Herman “Babe” Ruth succumbs to throat cancer. The Babe passes at age 53 as the all time home run king.

  5. this-day-in-baseball:

    August 16, 1954
    The first issue of Sports Illustrated is published. The inaugural cover features a Mark Kauffman photo of the Braves’ Eddie Mathews at bat in Milwaukee’s County Stadium.

  6. One of the best.

  7. 20 years ago today.

  8. Derek Jeter passed the greatest shortstop of all time, Honus Wagner, on the career hits list.

  9. tinkersghost:

    Shots fired.


  10. "One of the things I’m proudest about is that I played for one team."
    — Tony Gwynn