1. Denkinger.


  2. A great article on baseball’s perpetual demise.

  4. therealbsmile:

    Rival World Series Mascots
    92 Yrs Ago Today - Polo Grounds, N.Y. - October 4, 1922 

    ~ Wire Tag: “Eddie Bennett, mascot of the New York Yankees, and Billy Craig who holds a similar rank with the New York Giants, photographed just before the start of the game at the Polo Grounds, N.Y.C. this afternoon.”

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  5. Number 2.

  6. this-day-in-baseball:

    September 22, 1911

    At the age of 44, Cy Young beats the Pirates 1-0 for his 511th – and final – career win.

  7. this-day-in-baseball:

    September 8, 1916
    Twenty-three fans attending the game against the Yankees at rain-soaked Shibe Park — the smallest crowd in American League history — witness A’s switch-hitter Wally Schang become the first player in major league history to homer from both sides of the plate in the same game. The feat will not be accomplished again in the American League until Cardinals second baseman Johnny Lucadello does so in 1940.


  8. Baseball Song of the Month: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - My Oh My.  An ode to Seattle, the Mariners, 1995 and Dave Niehaus.

  9. Jose Cardenal trying to keep that cap on.

  10. Dear MLB,
    Bring back home plate collisions.

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