1. mightyflynn:

    Jackie Robinson sliding into second during the 1947 World Series with the Yankees’ George Stirnweiss, standing, and Phil Rizzuto.

    Text and AP photo via NY Times

  2. oldtimefamilybaseball:

    "This is mma hat, not yours." 

    (For actual information on Kevin Mmahat and the source of the card, please check out The Greatest 21 Days

  3. therealbsmile:

    1947 Bob Feller Popsicle Ad
    World Champion strike out - no hit Cleveleand Indians speedball pitcher

    (Source: baseball-fever.com, via therealbsmile)

  4. vintagesportspictures:

    Charles “Kid” Nichols, pitcher for the Boston Beaneaters (1897)

  5. mightyflynn:

    Pie Traynor, 1920

    Photo by Charles Conlon via Mears


    Happy Pie Day!

  6. Babe Didrikson

  7. hashiyasume:

    Sumo wrestler Playing baseball

    (via pitchersandpoets)

  8. Author Ring Lardner born March 6 1885.

    (Source: thenutsandbolts)

  9. Boston Braves of the early 1940’s.

  10. therealbsmile:

    1933 Louisville Slugger - A&P/Pamolive Poster Ad
    Of course, there were actually only 8 players, Louisville Slugger was the 9th. Clockwise from the top: Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Dale Alexander, Jimmie Foxx, Mel Ott, Lefty O’Doul, Paul Waner & Chuck Klein.