1. Dear MLB,
    Bring back home plate collisions.

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  2. mightyflynn:

    1967 PBA Base Bowl Pro-Am in Tampa Florida. Winning top honors were Pete Rose & Dick Weber followed by Lou Brock & Wayne Zahn in second with Lee Strange & Nelson Burton Jr finishing in third.

    Sporting News text and photo via Mears

    Gotta like the jerseys tucked into the dress slacks.

  3. Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty Brennaman in one hell of a nice sweater.


  4. I hope I get a Rube Baker rookie.

  5. Bill Greif says, “How you doin’?”

  6. Our Pastime caught a game this weekend… and it rained. Two hour delay at GABP in Cincinnati, then the Reds shut out Atlanta.

  7. 25 years.

  8. Don Draper got a bobblehead.

  9. mightyflynn:

    Cover redesign by CoverToCover.

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  10. Happy 80th Roberto Clemente.